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Here at WSH, our goal is to provide large firm expertise with the small firm comfort and care.  We understand that a single “out-of-the box” solution may not fit your exact needs.  We also know that things change, and your taxes may get more or less complicated as life goes on.

With that in mind, we have developed three clear levels of service with you in mind.  For some, it is just a tax return – no more, no less.  For most, it will be that same tax return plus some level of face-time advice to improve on outcomes and learn more about how the tax systems work in the US.  And there are the others who will need the most of their tax advisor.  They will want the above plus on-going planning during the year, and the ability to ask questions during the year free of charge.

Introducing GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE individual tax services.

Individual Tax Advising and Preparation

Bronze Level

This is our most basic tax-preparation-only service.  No questions or communications other than completion notice will be done. You will get a federal, state return professionally prepared based upon the documents you provide. Your information will be dropped off or uploaded to our vault and will get completed for you typically within a week. There is no consultation, advice or analysis given. Small business owners and landlords must start at Silver and please review the engagement letter.

This return is a flat $325.
Silver Level

This is Bronze plus an in-person zoom or at-desk meeting. No restriction on any forms. Multiple-state returns, landlords and small business owners work great here. You will walk away educated! Includes an analysis of the return, a chance to answer questions and minor planning to improvement and understand the tax system.

Pricing starts at $600 and increases based on forms completed. The average Silver in 2023 was $675 - $765. 
Gold Level

When taxes start to drag on you, and you feel you are paying too much – this could be the right choice for you. This level provides Silver plus additional more. Your relationship is managed by at least a “Senior tax accountant” or higher.  Enjoy an in-person or zoom tax planning meeting before the close of the year to gain clairvoyance on your taxes as well as put in place strategies to reduce taxes. Free non-research related tax questions are included during the off season. There is an ROI on this level due to tax planning.

Pricing starts at $1400 and the average in is around $1900 due to more complicated returns. Monthly payment options available after the first year.
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